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kellyjelly09's Journal

I am a BEATLES FREAK and i like it and i also love all the awesome bands of the sixties and i was totally born in the wrong decade :P
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a hard day's night, aerosmith, andre agassi, andy roddick, animal house, audrey hepburn, austin powers, back to the future, batman, billy joel, blazing saddles, blondie, breakfast at tiffany's, bullit, candy, cary grant, casablanca, chocolate, cinderella, coldplay, cynthia powell, dana carvey, dhani harrison, disney, dominic monaghan, driving lessons, elijah wood, eric clapton, eric idle, ewan mcgregor, fashion, fernando torres, forest gump, friends, gene kelly, george harrison, gilmore girls, graham chapman, gregory peck, grey's anatomy, harrison ford, harry potter, help!, house, indiana jones, ingrid bergman, ipods, jack nicholson, james bond, james cagney, james dean, james franco, jim morrison, jimmy mcculloch, jimmy page, jimmy stewart, john belushi, john cleese, john entwistle, john lennon, johnny depp, keith moon, led zeppelin, london, lord of the rings, lost, marilyn monroe, marlon brando, michael j. fox, michael palin, mike myers, molly ringwald, monty python's flying circus, moulin rouge, music, my computer, new york city, orlando bloom, paris, patti boyd, paul mccartney, paul newman, pete townshend, phantom of the opera, pirates of the caribbean, pretty in pink, queen, rear window, rebel without a cause, ringo starr, river phoenix, robert plant, roger daltrey, roman holiday, saturday night live, seinfeld, singin' in the rain, sixteen candles, space balls, spiderman, stand by me, star wars, steve mcqueen, superman, swimming, tennis, terry gilliam, terry jones, that 70's show, the 60s, the beatles, the breakfast club, the chronicles of narnia, the clash, the doors, the eagles, the great escape, the kids are alright, the life of brian, the lion king, the mets, the monkees, the nightmare before christmas, the princess bride, the producers, the ramones, the simpsons, the sting, the who, the wings, to kill a mockingbird, twiggy, viggo mortensen, william moseley, x-men, xabi alonso, young frankenstein